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Buffalo Countertop Glasswasher 350mm x 350mm Baskets



Buffalo Countertop Glasswasher 350mm x 350mm Baskets

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350x350mm basket. Up to 25 racks/hr. Gravity Drain

Compact and easy to use, the Buffalo glasswasher is a great choice for sites with limited work space. Able to be mounted either on a countertop or under counter, the glasswasher fits into smaller areas and can wash up to 12 glasses at a time.

Built-in chemical dosing pumps and powerful rinsing arms ensure great washing results, whilst the strong stainless steel construction means it’s durable and easy to clean too. Whether it’s being used behind a bar or in the kitchen, the Buffalo gives you a handy space-saving solution which cleans glasses perfectly.

This glasswasher delivers a rinse temperature of 70°C, a temperature that won’t be reached by handwashing alone. As such, cleaning your equipment with this commercial glasswasher is the only way to guarantee effective sanitation when washing glassware. Once cleaned, it’s recommended to store your glassware in the wash basket to reduce contact and handling.

Please note: this unit must drain water to operate and only drains down using gravity (see diagram). If the drain outlet is level or above that of the drainage point of the machine, an external pump will be required. A drain hose is supplied with this machine to connect to a floor drain pipe.

If this machine is used in a medium or hard water area, an external water softener is required (sold separately).