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Cambro Shelving Starter Kits 1830 (H) x 540(D)mm

Cambro Shelving Starter Kits 1830 (H) x 540(D)mm

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Made from a strong and highly durable fibre glass and resin composite, this 915mm wide shelving unit from Cambro is built to stand up to constant use in any environment. With a temperature range of -38˚C to 88˚C the unit is suitable for use in walk-in coolers and freezers, dry storage and ware washing areas. The shelving unit can be constructed quickly and easily, and features high resistant to scratches and peeling, corrosion, moisture and chemical stress to ensure it provides a long lifespan. The shelving units interconnect in straight lines using shared posts, and load bearing is uncompromised. The modular design also allows you to maximise your available space, and construct custom configurations in an L, U or T shape using corner connectors.

  • Colour:Brushed Graphite
  • Dimensions:1830(H) x 915(W) x 540(D) mm
  • Material:Composite
  • Weight:20.32kg
  • Easy to assemble adjust or configure
  • Features a lifetime warranty against corrosion eliminating the need for unnecessary replacement cost
  • Made from lightweight yet extremely durable non-corrosive composite material
  • Material easily wipes clean and shelf plates are dishwasher safe
  • Resistant to scratching peeling wrapping and corrosion
  • Withstands temperatures as cold as -38°C or warm environments up to 88°C