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Craven 4 Tier Nylon Coated Wire Shelving With Pads 1700(H) x 491(D)mm

Craven 4 Tier Nylon Coated Wire Shelving With Pads 1700(H) x 491(D)mm

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Make the most of your storage space with this flat packed shelving unit from Cambro. The unit is made from a strong and durable fibre glass and resin composite material that gives it the durability to withstand constant use in any environment. From walk-in freezers to staff rooms, the shelving unit can withstand a range of temperatures from as low as -38°C up to highs of 88°C. The vented shelves ensure dry foods such as rice and potatoes get the right air circulation, increasing their shelf life for higher quality dishes. The flat packed design allows you to set it up when you need it. This makes it easier to install in small rooms or where access is a difficulty. It also means the shelves can be customised to your liking, allowing you to store larger items at the bottom. And with a 300kg capacity on each shelf, you’ll easily be able to store everything you need to.

  • Capacity:800kg per bay
  • Dimensions:1700(H) x 1475(W) x 391(D)mm
  • Material:Mild steel
  • Finish – external:Talisman nylon coating
  • Weight:38.9kg
  • Usage: General dry storage refrigeration and freezers suitable for temperatures ranging from -40ºC to +110ºC
  • Grooved fixed post system
  • Adjustable shelf heights for optimising storage space
  • Complies with NF food hygiene standards
  • Removable shelves and shelf inserts. Panels can be individually removed whilst not effecting the shelves loading capacity
  • Dishwasher safe. Removable panels aid cleaning and can be washed through most standard catering dish washers
  • 4 shelves included
  • Constructed with solid channel for ease of cleaning
  • 5-7 days

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