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EazyZap Energy Efficient LED Fly Killer 50m²



EazyZap Energy Efficient LED Fly Killer 50m²

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Eco bulbs: 2 x 4.5W. Spare bulb code: AJ636

Keep your business free from flying insects, with the EazyZap LED fly killer. Fitted with two highly energy efficient LED bulbs, the EazyZap significantly reduces running costs in comparison to traditional fly zappers – helping to save you money on your energy bills in the long run.

And the LED bulbs last up to twice as long (up to 10,000 hours) and are more effective at attracting pests, too. So that’s fewer bulb changes and better fly killing performance.

With its simple chain mounting system and generous 2 metre power cable, the EazyZap is easy to install where it’s needed most, whilst the 50m² coverage ensures effective fly killing in a wide area around the unit. The zapper also includes a handy removable collection drawer, which keeps any insect remains safely and hygienically stored until it’s time to empty.