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Edlund Bravo 320 Digital Scales with Clearshield Protective Cover 9Kg

Edlund Bravo 320 Digital Scales with Clearshield Protective Cover 9Kg

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Quickly, accurately and hygienically weigh your ingredients with the durable BRV-320 digital portion scales from Edlund. Produced with a replaceable ClearShield Protective Cover to resist damaging grease, juices and dust, your scales are easier to keep in perfect condition. The scales also feature a removable stainless steel platform to aid cleaning, making maintenance easier.

Designed with accessible buttons and a large LCD screen, the scales are straightforward to use, making weighing your food a simple and speedy process. Featuring a 20lb weight capacity, the scales can be used to measure a variety of meats, vegetables and dry ingredients. Mains or battery powered, the scales can be used anywhere in the kitchen on arrival.

  • Colour:Silver
  • Dimensions:228(H) x 152(W) x 330(D) mm
  • Material:Stainless Steel
  • Weight:1.81 kg
  • Exclusive ClearShield Protective Covers keep juices grease and other food products off scale and display keeping scale looking newer for longer
  • Can be recalibrated in field
  • Easy to use buttons & large easy to read LCD display
  • Removable stainless steel platform
  • Auto-Shut-Off Feature
  • Power jack plug eliminates internal corrosion when used with batteries
  • Removable stainless steel platform for easy cleaning