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Lincat CiBO+ High Speed Oven Black

Lincat CiBO+ High Speed Oven Black

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3kW. 13A

Efficient. Effective. Energy-saving. The CiBO+, high-speed oven in black is built to excel. Using Tri-Heat Technology, the oven cooks with a mixture of microwave, TurboAir and ContactBase heating to provide cooking results up to 12x faster than conventional methods. This intelligent design not only means that food is cooked quicker, but has improved consistency and maintains a high level of food quality.

The easy-to-use touchscreen menu includes over 40, individual cooking options – including the innovative queue-buster function to cut cooking times and an enhanced eco mode that takes the energy output from 1.44kW, to 1kW of energy per hour. This power-saving mode is able to reduce hourly consumption from 36p, to 25p and your annual cost – if run for eight hours per day – down from £1,051 to just £730.

Plus, CiBO+ is designed for maximum efficiency during regular cooking. Thanks to its ability to cook up to three, 12¿ pizzas and six toasties whilst using just 1.44kW of energy, this high-speed oven is sure to cut your energy bills and keep services running as smooth as possible.

And the CiBO+ oven utilises ventless cooking that makes installation quick and easy, and allows you to place the CiBO+ in any available space in your kitchen.