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Polar G-Series Energy Efficient Tapas Display Fridge



Polar G-Series Energy Efficient Tapas Display Fridge

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190W. Width: 1529mm

If you’re offering fresh tapas, desserts or salads, the Polar G-Series energy efficient tapas display fridge offers a fantastic high-visibility merchandising solution.

Suitable for cafés, delicatessens, coffee shops and more, the topper effectively keeps up to six 1/3rd size gastronorm pans of food hygienically chilled and perfectly presented, all whilst offering improved energy efficiency in comparison to previous models. With attractive curved glass and efficient LED lighting, this tapas showcase is ideal for maximising impulse sales of cakes, sandwiches, pastries and tapas. And thanks to the intuitive digital controls, it’s easy to keep food at the perfect serving temperature for extended periods.

Please note: GN pans sold separately.

Polar G-Series shop display refrigeration is designed for everyday commercial use in demanding professional environments. Built with strong commercial construction and high quality materials throughout, G-Series refrigeration is the next step up in reliability and performance. Choose G-Series if you need a hard-working unit which excels in conditions up to 32°C. Please note: model information can be found on the product database: The Model Identifier can usually be found on the inside wall and on the reverse of the unit.