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Rice Cooker 20 Litre Cooked 9 Litre Dry Keep Warm 80 Portions

Rice Cooker 20 Litre Cooked 9 Litre Dry Keep Warm 80 Portions

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This 9 Litre Rice Cooker is the perfect way to cook up large amounts of delicious, fluffy rice for your customers. This commercial rice cooker is designed to make restaurant-style rice with ease, with a 20L capacity, 9L of dry rice and 20L of cooker rice. With a powerful 2.85kW motor, this cooker will have your rice ready to serve in around 35-40 minutes, while the automatic switch from cook to warm will keep your rice perfect and warm for longer.
The extra heavy-duty non-stick inner pot prevents any rice burn-on, and the lid includes condensation collection container to reduce mess for easy cleaning and cooker longevity whilst the stay-cool handles make it easy to manoeuvre. There is also a handy non-scratch spatula and rice measure included.

Product Features:
Commercial Rice Cooker – 80 portions
230V, 2.85kW Plug in
Rapid cooking time: 35-40 mins at full capacity
Non-stick inner rice pot – easy to clean
Spatula and rice measure included for ease of use
Handles for easy manoverablity around your workspace
Dimensions 42cm x 48cm x 56cm
Plug Length – 1.5m
Ideal for takeaways, caterers or food stalls
Capacity 203L cooked rice
Cooks fluffy rice and then holds at temperature – leave it to work while you cook, don’t worry about burned rice
Graded, unused but may have cosmetic damage
Comes with 2 months parts only warranty excluding labour