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WearerTech Transform Trainer with Modular Insole Black

WearerTech Transform Trainer with Modular Insole Black

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Work long hours on your feet? Suffer from plantar fasciitis, flat feet or high arches? In pain at the end of a shift? Don’t accept this as part of your job. Make your working day easier and pain-free , lessen and prevent problems by choosing the Transform range of non slip comfortable work shoes.

WearerTech is a leading shoe manufacturer set out to increase health and wellbeing for people on their feet all day and reduce pain for these people. 90% of workers that spend the majority of their day of their feet have experienced pain in the last 12 months as a result of their work, this is where WearerTech can help!

Using research with experts at the University of Salford, WearerTech have identified many of the issues which can make shoes feel uncomfortable to wear for long periods and addressed them with in the design of their new modular insole technology. By balancing pressure points and maximising contact where it is needed most, our modular insole system comes with a choice of medium, soft or firm where you simply switch out the arch support jigsaw-like piece.