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Winterhalter C10 Descaler Concentrate 5Ltr (2 Pack)

Winterhalter C10 Descaler Concentrate 5Ltr (2 Pack)

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Extend the lifespan of your utensils and appliances with regular use of this industry grade descaler built for use in catering environments, which comes in pack of two five litre containers. The concentrated C10 catering descaler from Winterhalter thoroughly cleans cutlery and crockery of limescale and deposits left from hard water with a powerful acid based formulation.

The solution is also designed to be used in common catering appliances such as water boilers, kettles and food mixers as well as on tables and sinks. Quick, effective and ideal for stainless steel as well as suitable for use in machine warewashers, leaving you with sparkling kitchen equipment.

  • Box quantity:2
  • Capacity:5 Ltr
  • Dimensions:295(H) x 180(W) x 130(D) mm
  • Weight:5.68kg
  • The phosphoric-based solution rapidly removes scale deposits from warewashers and equipment
  • Tackles metal tarnish hard water scale and rust on ferrous metals
  • Leaves your aluminium and chrome surfaces brilliantly bright
  • The solution is food-safe perfect for commercial kitchens
  • Suitable for descaling dishwashers glasswashers and kitchen equipment
  • Safe for use with stainless steel
  • The concentrated formula deliver a great cost-per-use