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Winterhalter C8 Glass Cleaner Ready To Use 750ml (6 Pack)

Winterhalter C8 Glass Cleaner Ready To Use 750ml (6 Pack)

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Keeping glass shining and streak-free is a great way to help entice customers. This six pack of 750ml Winterhalter C8 glass cleaner is perfect for removing tough deposits of oil, dirt and grime, including finger marks, nicotine stains, dust and insect husks; leaving a cleanly and streak-free finish.

Features a non-tainting, quick-drying spray formula that is suitable for use on food preparation surfaces, making it ideal for use in commercial kitchens without the risk of ruining food. The cleaner helps to preserve your glass items, therefore saving you money on costly replacement bills.

  • Box quantity:6
  • Capacity:0.75 Ltr
  • Dimensions:314(H) x 106(W) x 58(D) mm
  • Weight:5.11Kg
  • This powerful solution tackles grime nicotine smoke debris oil finger-marks dust and dead insects
  • Leaves a sparkling streak-free finish
  • The solution is unperfumed and non-tainting perfect for use in food prep areas
  • Suitable for use on glass ceramic stainless steel chrome finishes laminate and other hard surfaces
  • The ready-to-use formula makes this cleaner easy to apply
  • The trigger spray ensures accurate application of the chemical

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